Day 1. A weekend in the Ribble Valley

The scenic Ribble Valley is one of northern England’s best kept secrets being an area of outstanding natural beauty noted for its rural landscape and welcoming hospitality.  How do we find this hidden gem, you may well ask?  Well, it’s quite easy actually as the Ribble Valley is located in Lancashire and accessible from the […]

Day 1. A weekend in the Ribble Valley

Harvest Rituals and Superstitions

The lives of those who inhabited the rural Brittany of yesteryear were guided by the seasons and the precious hours of daylight. For them, the unpredictable year was punctuated by the key dates of the agrarian and liturgical calendar. With harvest well underway here in today’s Brittany, a look at some of the old rituals, beliefs and superstitions once associated with the agricultural cycle here might be timely.

Harvest Rituals and Superstitions

Benito Soliven Tourist Spots, History, Festival, Officials

Benito Soliven is a 4th class landlocked municipality of Isabela Province in Cagayan Valley Region or Region 2, Philippines. Profile of Benito Soliven Municipality (Geography) Location –> Central part of Isabela Province in northeastern Luzon Island (See map below) Neighboring Cities and Towns –> Ilagan City (north), San Mariano (east and south), Cauayan City and […]

Benito Soliven Tourist Spots, History, Festival, Officials

One from the vaults: The food in Italy

Rather than repost an Italian recipe, I’ve reposted about Italian food. I’ve previously waxed lyrical about the food in Spain, now it’s the turn of our nearest neighbour Italy. Who doesn’t love pizza and pasta? Exactly! I’m so old I still remember eating in Birmingham’s first Italian restaurant, called Gino’s, which opened on the Smallbrook […]

One from the vaults: The food in Italy

My Fieldwork in Southern Italy

Written by Dyami Millarson This picture was taken during my last visit to Southern Italy, I played football outside like some of the locals. Whilst I was there, I had taken the opportunity to continue my Molesian fieldwork. Profoundly inspired as a teenager by David Crystal’s Language Death, David K. Harrison’s When Languages Die, Daniel […]

My Fieldwork in Southern Italy